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Do you struggle with motivation?  Does the thought of going into a gym scare you?  Lacking confidence and not sure what to do when you get there?  Do you feel intimidated and worry that everyone is watching you?

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there!

This is what inspired me to create my very own private studio – to reach out to the women who want to get fitter but find the big busy gym spaces too intimidating.  My aim is to introduce clients to exercises in a friendly and relaxing environment where they feel comfortable and at ease.  I want them to build confidence as they workout, becoming fitter and stronger and happier.

My one-to-one fitness coaching sessions are individually tailored to the individual and are designed with specific fitness goals in mind.

  • Initial consultation to discuss current situation, find out where you are, where you want to be, and help with goal setting
  • 1 x 60 mins PT session per week, involving guided coaching with both cardio and weight training elements, designed exclusively on each client’s individual needs and goals
  • Gym programme or home workouts to work through in between PT sessions (no equipment required)
  • Nutritional guidelines and macronutrient breakdown
  • Weekly check-ins to monitor progress and motivation

My aim is that each client works through their programme (typically 8-12 weeks, dependant on goals) with the ultimate goal of taking ownership of their fitness journey and feeling confident enough to ‘go it alone’. Subtle and sustainable lifestyle changes that really make a difference.  If this sounds ideal for you, then click on the link below to contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss further:

Pole Fitness Classes

Build strength, increase muscle tone and have fun!

Pole fitness is an effective and fun way to improve your fitness while learning a new skill at the same time.  An excellent form of body conditioning, the pole can help you shape and tone your body!  It’s too much fun to feel like hard work and I can guarantee you will start to feel the benefits from your very first session!

As a qualified pole fitness instructor at beginner’s level, and a dedicated participant for over 8 years, I can teach you the skills and techniques required to spin and lift your way to fitness!  My private studio is ideal for those wish to train away from large groups and is an excellent starting point for building confidence.

You can incorporate pole fitness into your weekly PT sessions with me as part of your fitness programme, or attend classes as a stand-alone package.  Suitable for complete beginners and for all ages.

One-to-one private tuition or small group classes of 2-3 people available, so why not bring along a friend and share the fun?!

Pole Fitness studio gym

Single Class


1x 60mins

Block Booking


1x 60mins per week

Block Booking


1x 60mins per week

Group Classes


1x 60mins per week

Group Fitness Instructor -

Group Fitness Instructor

Train with friends

As well as fitness coaching, my other passion is taking group exercise classes.  I love the social element of the classes where groups of like-minded people join together to take part in exercise-to-music and have great fun while also working hard!  It is where I kick-started my own fitness journey after the birth of my two children, and after many years of being a participant, I took the jump and put myself through the training that allowed me to become a certified instructor and enabled me to lead the classes that I loved so much – such a proud moment for me!

I still love being a participant in these classes today whenever I have some spare time.  It is such a wonderful feeling being able to forget my troubles for a short time and get lost in the music.  I have made many friendships just by attending these classes, both with participants and fellow instructors.  The motivation of others to keep everyone going and the sense of teamwork during the class never ceases to amaze me.

I teach Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack classes in various leisure centres across the Falkirk and Stirling area.  Click on the links below for a sneak peek at what is involved in each programme and if you are interested in attending then drop me a message so I can provide you with more information about how and where you can access these classes:

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